Design system for Digital NSW

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NSW Design System

NSW Design system is a collection of reusable UI components used on the NSW goverment websites.

See live examples of NSW Digital Design system components and guidance on how to use them on you website at NSW Design System.

Using the design system

How you use the NSW Design System depends on your team's capabilities. We recommend using npm but also provide a downloadable starter kit which includes all the compiled assets.

  1. Installing with NPM
  2. Download starter kit

Installing with NPM

npm is a package manager for Node-based projects. We recommend npm packages because it makes it easy to update and install the design system from the command line.

  1. Install Node/npm.

  2. Generate a package.json file using the npm init command in the terminal. You will be prompted to enter several pieces of information, like the name of your application, version, description etc.

  3. Add nsw-design-system to your project’s package.json:

    • npm install --save nsw-design-system

The NSW Design System is now installed as a dependancy of your project, check out how to import styles and javascript in to your project build.

Download starter kit

You can download the compiled design system assets (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) in the HTMLStarterkit zip file from the latest release.

Importing styles into your project

The NSW Design System styles need to be added to the main Sass file in your project.
Use the below snippet to import the NSW Design System (ideally placed before any other imports or sass):

@import 'node_modules/nsw-design-system/src/main';

Importing javascript into your project

Some of the NSW Design System components require javascript to provide advanced functionality. To ensure the page is ready for javascript to run, include the follow scripts tags at the end of the html document.

    <script src="node_modules/nsw-design-system/src/main.js"></script>

You might wish to copy the file into your project or reference it from node_modules, this will depend on your build setup.

Getting updates

To be notified when there’s a new release, you can either join the NSW Design System community or watch the NSW Design System Github