core modules and components for nteract apps

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  import nteractCore from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nteract/core';



This package is a package the encapsulates and exports the packages defined in @nteract/actions, @nteract/reducers, @nteract/epics, @nteract/types, and @nteract/selectors.


$ yarn add @nteract/core
$ npm install --save @nteract/core


The example below shows how we can use the functions within this package to set the isSaving property on a notebook state. Note that this is the same example code for the @nteract/reducers package, but we are able to use a single dependency on the @nteract/core package to deliver the functionality instead of relying on different dependencies.

import { state, reducers, actions } from "@nteract/core";

export default () => {
  const originalState = state.makeAppRecord({
    isSaving: true
  reducers.core.app(originalState, actions.saveFulfilled({}));


We're working on adding more documentation for this component. Stay tuned by watching this repository!


If you experience an issue while using this package or have a feature request, please file an issue on the issue board and add the pkg:core label.