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  import nteractDataExplorer from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nteract/data-explorer';


nteract Data Explorer

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An automatic data visualization tool.

Interactive Documentation

Explore the documentation.

Data Explorer Examples

Creating Data Explorer

Read Elijah Meeks's post on designing the data explorer.

Using the Data Explorer

To use Data Explorer in your project, use the following approach.

yarn add @nteract/data-explorer

Install react and styled-components if you are not already using them.

yarn add react styled-components

The data prop must be a tabular data resource application/vnd.dataresource+json

// Default import complete with right side toolbar
import DataExplorer from "@nteract/data-explorer";

<DataExplorer data={data} />;

Or, with custom Toolbar position:

// Individual components as named imports
import { DataExplorer, Toolbar, Viz } from "@nteract/data-explorer";

<DataExplorer data={data}>
  <Toolbar />
  <Viz />

// Toolbar is optional
<DataExplorer data={data}>
  <Viz />

How do I contribute to this repo?

If you are interested in contributing to nteract, please read the contribution guidelines for information on how to set up your nteract repo for development, how to update documentation, and how to submit your code changes for review on GitHub.