Spend less time setting up projects and more time building them

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  import nuelUniformly from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nuel/uniformly';


🥋 uniformly

Uniformly exists to remove all the setup time required when getting new projects up and running. Inspired by Create React App, it provides an opinionated Babel, Jest, Prettier and ESLint configuration so you can just get started with writing code.


npm install --save-dev @nuel/uniformly

How do I use it?

Just update your package.json file with some scripts:

    "scripts": {
        "build": "uniformly build",
        "postbuild": "uniformly declare-types",
        "test": "uniformly test",
        "tidyup": "uniformly tidyup",
        "lint": "uniformly lint"


We'll add full documentation for options here soon™, for now you can get a list of available options using the CLI.

npx uniformly --help        # lists commands
npx uniformly build --help  # lists options for the build command


Transpiles the project.

uniformly build [-i src/] [-o lib/] [-t "current"] [-cjs 3]
option aliases default description
source src, in, i src/ the directory to transpile
output out, o lib/ where to put the transpiled files
target t current the environment to target
corejs cjs 3 the version of core-js Babel should use


Generates TypeScript declaration files.

uniformly declare-types [-o lib/]
option aliases default description
output out, o lib/ where to put the declaration files

But I'm using a library that needs custom Babel configs...

No need to worry, we currently detect and apply sensible default Babel and ESLint configs for these libraries.

  • ✅ React
  • ✅ Vue
  • ✅ TypeScript

Using custom configs

If you need more control over what's happening, create a .uniformlyrc file within your project and you'll be able to override the default configuration for as many of the tools as you'd like.

    "babel": {
        "config": "/path/to/babel.config.js"
    "jest": {
        "roots": [ "custom/jest/root" ],
        "config": "/path/to/jest.config.js",
        "setupFiles": ["<rootDir>/setupTests.js"]
    "prettier": {
        "config": "/path/to/prettier.config.js"
    "eslint": {
        "config": "/path/to/.eslintrc"