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Diff to Html generates pretty HTML diffs from unified and git diff output in your terminal


  • Unified diff and Git diff input

  • line-by-line and side-by-side diff

  • new and old line numbers

  • inserted and removed lines

  • GitHub like style

  • Code syntax highlight

  • Line similarity matching

Online Example

Go to Diff2HTML



npm install -g diff2html-cli


Usage: diff2html [options] -- [diff args]

flag alias description choices default
-s --style Output style line, side line
--sc --synchronisedScroll Synchronised horizontal scroll true, false true
--su --summary Show files summary closed, open, hidden closed
--lm --matching Diff line matching type lines, words, none none
--lmt --matchWordsThreshold Diff line matching word threshold 0.25
--lmm --matchingMaxComparisons Diff line matching maximum line comparisons of a block of changes 2500
--hwt --htmlWrapperTemplate Path to custom template to be rendered when using the html output format [string]
-f --format Output format html, json html
-i --input Diff input source file, command, stdin command
-o --output Output destination preview, stdout preview
-u --diffy Upload to diffy.org browser, pbcopy, print
-F --file Send output to file (overrides output option) [string]
--ig --ignore Ignore particular files from the diff [string]
-v --version Show version number
-h --help Show help


diff2html -s line -f html -d word -i command -o preview -- -M HEAD~1

  • diff last commit, line by line, word comparison between lines, previewed in the browser and input from git diff command

diff2html -i file -- my-file-diff.diff

  • reading the input from a file

diff -u file1.txt file2.txt | diff2html -i stdin

  • reading diff from stdin

diff2html -f json -o stdout -- -M HEAD~1

  • print json format to stdout

diff2html -F my-pretty-diff.html -- -M HEAD~1

  • print to file

diff2html -F my-pretty-diff.html --hwt my-custom-template.html -- -M HEAD~1

  • print to file using custom markup templates can include the following variables:
    • <!--diff2html-css--> - writes default CSS to page
    • <!--diff2html-js-ui--> - writes default JavaScript UI scripts to page
    • //diff2html-fileListCloseable - writes code to support selected list interaction, must be within a <script> block
    • //diff2html-synchronisedScroll - writes code to support selected scroll interaction, must be within a <script> block
    • <!--diff2html-diff--> - writes diff content to page

diff2html --ig package-lock.json --ig yarn.lock

  • Ignore package-lock.json and yarn.lock from the generated diff

NOTE: notice the -- in the examples


This is a developer friendly project, all the contributions are welcome. To contribute just send a pull request with your changes following the guidelines described in CONTRIBUTING.md. I will try to review them as soon as possible.


Make some changes and then node src/main.js 😉


Copyright 2014-2019 Rodrigo Fernandes. Released under the terms of the MIT license.


This project is inspired in pretty-diff by Scott González.

Show Diff Coverage

cat xxx.diff | diff2html -c coverage.json -i stdin -F diff_coverage.html