Shared styles and style modules

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  import nuskinNsCoreStyles from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nuskin/ns-core-styles';



Core Styles Library for import into a .scss file or Vue component where scss is being used.

Core Styles uses the latest sass-lang api. You can either import the main.scss file or just the parts you want.

Build Setup

# install depedencies
$ yarn

# generate unminified CSS
$ yarn build

# generate minified css
$ yarn build-min

File Structure


You have the option to import either the whole minified main.css or the main.scss if you want to get load the whole library. To include the main.scss, you can pull it into your .scss file like this:

@use '~@nuskin/ns-core-styles/src/main';

Please note that as of today, Jan 10, 2020 node-sass does not support '@use' and will fail. Instead you will need to add 'sass' and 'sass-loader' as depedencies.

Further documentation for core-styles can be found in Nu Skin's Storybook under Style Docs/Core Styles. There documentation exists for: