A framework to develop functional tests for Nuxeo Web UI, using WebDriverIO and Cucumber.

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Nuxeo Web UI Functional Testing Framework

A framework to develop functional tests for Nuxeo Web UI, using WebDriverIO and Cucumber.

Getting Started


You can install the latest Nuxeo Web UI Functional Testing framework via:

npm install @nuxeo/nuxeo-web-ui-ftest

Please keep in mind that the framework version must match the version of Web UI that needs to be tested:

# for the latest hotfix of Web UI 2.4 (for 10.10)
npm install @nuxeo/nuxeo-web-ui-ftest@^2.4.0

# for the latest hotfix of Web UI 2.2 (for 9.10)
npm install @nuxeo/nuxeo-web-ui-ftest@^2.2.0

Project Structure

Cucumber tests are written in Gherkin, which are then translated into JavaScript instructions that run commands using the WebDriver protocol. Tests are written in feature files (ending with the .feature extension), which are composed by a set of Scenarios with one or more Steps. Step definitions are instructions defined in JavaScript files that match the steps used in the feature files, which can run WebdriverIO commands and make assertions.

The framework reads feature files, step definitions and resources by convention, so your project needs to follow a particular structure. Features files are read from the test/features folder, step definitions from test/features/step_definitions, and test resources (e.g. test images) are loaded from test/resources.

├── package.json
└── test
    ├── features
    │   ├── myfeature1.feature
    │   ├── myfeature2.feature
    │   ├── ...
    │   └── step_definitions
    │       ├── myfeature1.js
    │       ├── myfeature2.js
    │       └── ...
    └── resources
        ├── image.png
        └── ...

Running Tests

We recommend adding the following script to your package.json file to run the functional tests on your project:

"scripts": {
  "test": "nuxeo-web-ui-ftest --report --screenshots"

With this in place, npm run test will run the functional tests against Web UI, which is expected to be hosted on a nuxeo server running on the 8080 port.


Please check the Nuxeo DAM's marketplace project for an example on how to use the functional testing framework to test contributions to Web UI.


Please check out the Web UI functional testing documentation.


Apache License 2.0 Copyright (c) Nuxeo SA

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