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  import nuxtjsLocaltunnel from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nuxtjs/localtunnel';


Local Tunnel

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localtunnel exposes your localhost to the world for easy testing and sharing! No need to mess with DNS or deploy just to have others test out your changes. learn more


  • Secure https for all tunnels
  • Show your work to anyone
  • Use the API to test web hooks
  • Test your UI in cloud browsers

Note This module is only enabled in dev mode.


  • Add @nuxtjs/localtunnel dependency using yarn or npm to your project
  • Add @nuxtjs/localtunnel to modules section of nuxt.config.js
  modules: [
    // Simple usage
    // With options
    ['@nuxtjs/localtunnel', { subdomain: 'foobar' }],


(For more information see here)

On next dev, you will something like this in terminal that can be shared with the world:

> Open
> Open https://starter.localtunnel.me for external access



  • Default: process.env.npm_package_name

Request a named subdomain on the localtunnel server (default is random characters)


  • Default: nuxt listening ip (auto detected)

Proxy to a hostname other than localhost


Use another localtunnel server, instead of localtunnel.me