A nodejs passthrough for `azcopy` commandline tool described at https://aka.ms/azcopy

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  import nxAzureAzcopy from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nx-azure/azcopy';



This is a node script warpped around the AzCopy Azure Storage tool.

This package enables you to run AzCopy without having to worry about which environment you're running on, because it will download the appropriate AzCopy binary for you.

Running @nx-azure/azcopy

You can run @nx-azure/azcopy by npm installing it like this:

npm install -g @nx-azure/azcopy
# followed by
nx-azure-azcopy -h

Or you can npx it like:

npx @nx-azure/azcopy

This wrapper script passes through arguments to AzCopy, so look to AzCopy's docs on what arguments it takes.


This tiny wrapper is a very useful way of executing AzCopy from a node script, without having to think about what environment you're currently on and explictly downloading the correctly binary for AzCopy. This enables AzCopy to be basicallly cross platform, without any additional overhead.