CLI for @nxpm/stack

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import nxpmCli from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nxpm/cli';




Install the CLI as a dev dependency in an existing Nx Workspace:

yarn add -D @nxpm/cli


Currently, you can only run the linter:

yarn nxpm-stack lint

More to come :)

  • sort projects + paths
  • sync package.json dependencies
    • read deps/devDeps in main package.json
    • for any other package.json in any for the projects
      • check deps/devDeps
      • set all listed deps to the version in main package.json
  • sync package.json properties (license, author, repo)
  • sync README
    • 1: sync from the main README to publishable packages
    • 2: sync from the package README's back to main README
  • validate .env and .env.example
    • check if all props are available on both side.
  • sync between .env.example and .env
  • check if packages are up to date
  • check if prisma migrations are up to date

MIT Licensed by beeman 🐝