Nx Plugin to generate, run, package, build (and more) Quarkus projects inside your Nx workspace

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Nx Plugin to generate, run, package, build (and more) Quarkus projects inside your Nx workspace



Here is a list of some of the coolest features of the plugin:

  • ✅ Generation of Quarkus applications/libraries based on Quarkus app generator API

  • ✅ Building, packaging, testing, etc your Quarkus projects

  • ✅ Code formatting using the excellent Spotless plugin for Maven or Gradle

  • ✅ Integration with Nx's dependency graph (through nx dep-graph or nx affected:dep-graph): this allows you to visualize the dependencies of any Quarkus's Maven/Gradle applications or libraries inside your workspace, just like Nx natively does it for JS/TS-based projects!

    Nx Quarkus dependency graph Example of running the nx dep-graph command on a workspace with 2 Quarkus projects inside

  • ...


If you have not already, create an Nx workspace with the following:

# npm
npx create-nx-workspace@latest

# yarn
yarn create nx-workspace@latest

Getting Started

Then you need to install the plugin in order to generate Quarkus applications later on.

Installing Plugin

# npm
npm install @nxrocks/nx-quarkus --save-dev

# yarn
yarn add @nxrocks/nx-quarkus --dev

Generating Project

Simply run the project generator with the following command:

nx g @nxrocks/nx-quarkus:new <your-app-name>

you can also use the following aliases to call the generator: proj, new, gen, init, create, or generate

You will be prompted for entering the most commonly customized generation options (like project's groupId, artifactId, packaging, dependencies, etc).

To skip the interactive prompt, or if you want to customize all non-prompted options, you can pass them along directly when running the command, as such:

nx g @nxrocks/nx-quarkus:project <your-app-name> --optionName1 optionValue1 ... --optionNameN optionValueN

Generation Options

Here the list of available generation options :

Arguments Description
<name> The name of your project.
Option Value Description
projectType application | library Type of project to generate
buildSystem MAVEN | GRADLE Build system
groupId string GroupId of the project
artifactId string ArtifactId of the project
extensions string List of extensions to use (comma-separated). Go to https://code.quarkus.io/api/extensions to get the ids needed here
quarkusInitializerUrl https://code.quarkus.io URL to the Quarkus Initializer instance to use
skipeCodeSamples string Whether or not to include code samples from extensions (when available)
tags string Tags to use for linting (comma-separated)
directory string Directory where the project is placed

Plugin Usage

Once your app is generated, you can now use buidlers to manage it.

Here the list of available executors:

Executor Arguments Description
run | dev | serve ignoreWrapper:boolean, args: string[] Runs the project in dev mode using either ./mvnw\|mvn quarkus:dev or ./gradlew\|gradle quarkusDev
remoteDev ignoreWrapper:boolean, args: string[] Runs the project in remote dev mode using either ./mvnw\|mvn quarkus:remoteDev or ./gradlew\|gradle quarkusRemoteDev
build ignoreWrapper:boolean, args: string[] Builds a native or container friendly image either ./mvnw\|mvn build or ./gradlew\|gradle build
test ignoreWrapper:boolean, args: string[] Tests the project using either ./mvnw\|mvn test or ./gradlew\|gradle test
clean ignoreWrapper:boolean, args: string[] Cleans the project using either ./mvnw\|mvn clean or ./gradlew\|gradle clean
format ignoreWrapper:boolean, args: string[] Format the project using Spotless plugin for Maven or Gradle
package ignoreWrapper:boolean, args: string[] Packages the project using either ./mvnw\|mvn package or ./gradlew\|gradle package
addExtension ignoreWrapper:boolean, args: string[] Adds a new extension to the project using either ./mvnw\|mvn quarkus:add-extension or ./gradlew\|gradle quarkusAddExtension
listExtensions ignoreWrapper:boolean, args: string[] Adds a new extension to the project using either ./mvnw\|mvn quarkus:list-extensions or ./gradlew\|gradle quarkusListExtensions

In order to execute the requested command, each executor will use, by default, the embedded ./mvnw or ./gradlew executable, that was generated alongside the project. If you want to rely on a globally installed mvn or gradle executable instead, add the --ignoreWrapper option to bypass it. This can be useful in a CI environment for example, or in a restricted environment where the binary cannot be downloaded (due to proxy/firewall limitations).

You can pass in additional arguments to the underlying Gradle or Maven, either temporarily (via --args="..."). For example:

nx remoteDev your-quarkus-app --args="-Dquarkus.live-reload.url=http://my-remote-host:8080"

Or, permanently by editing the related executor in the workspace.json file, as such:

  "version": 1,
  "projects": {
    "your-quarkus-app": {
      "projectType": "application",
      "root": "apps/your-quarkus-app",
      "sourceRoot": "apps/your-quarkus-app/src",
      "targets": {
        "remoteDev": {
          "executor": "@nxrocks/nx-quarkus:remoteDev",
          "options": {
            "root": "apps/your-quarkus-app",
            "args": ["-Dquarkus.live-reload.url=http://my-remote-host:8080"]// your additional args here
  "cli": {
    "defaultCollection": "@nrwl/workspace"

Running the project in dev mote - ('run' or 'dev' or 'serve' Executors)

nx run your-quarkus-app:run

// or
nx serve your-quarkus-app

// or

nx dev your-quarkus-app

Running the project in remote dev mode - ('remoteDev' Executor)

// for a maven-based project
nx remoteDev your-quarkus-app --args="-Dquarkus.live-reload.url=http://my-remote-host:8080"

// for a gradle-based project
nx remoteDev your-quarkus-app --args="-Dquarkus.live-reload.url=http://my-remote-host:8080"

Building the aplication - ('build' Executor)

nx build your-quarkus-app

Testing the project - ('test' Executor)

nx test your-quarkus-app

Cleaning the project - ('clean' Executor)

nx clean your-quarkus-app

Formatting the code - ('format' Executor)

nx run your-quarkus-app:format

// or simply

nx do-format your-quarkus-app

// or

nx apply-format your-quarkus-app

Packaging the project - ('package' Executor)

nx package your-quarkus-app

Add Extension the project - ('Add Extension' Executor)

// for a maven-based project
nx addExtension your-quarkus-app --args="-Dextensions=resteasy,hibernate-validator"

// for a gradle-based project
nx addExtension your-quarkus-app --args="--extensions=resteasy,hibernate-validator"

List Extensions in the project - ('List Extensions' Executor)

nx listExtensions your-quarkus-app

Compatibility with Nx

Every Nx plugin relies on the underlying Nx Workspace/DevKit it runs on. This table provides the compatibility matrix between major versions of Nx workspace and this plugin.

Plugin Version Nx Workspace version
>=v2.x.x >=v12.6.x
>=v1.x.x >=v11.x.x
## License

Copyright (c) 2021 Tine Kondo. Licensed under the MIT License (MIT)