Arc Readable Configuration Parser ANTLR Definition

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Arc Readable Configuration


How to Start

Just copy json file, then remove { } pair, following json migration tutorial.

Try js parser: Arc - Hive

Try vscode support: VScode - ARC


Type Example Remark
Integer 25 Atom, BigInteger
Decimal 1.234 Atom, Not Float
String 'literal' Atom
Cite $cite/path Atom
Special true, null Atom
Macro @macro`apply` Macro
List [1, 2, 3] Container
Dict {1: 3} Container
ListMark <list/path> Scope
DictMark (dict/path) Scope
  • How to expand a macro is determined by the host language. In most cases, ARC does not mandate how the language handle cases.
  • There is also no rule on how to handle special values.
  • $cite only expand once. This is used to share simple version numbers and constants. Don't overuse.


Compare with other readable formats


No override, No include.

ARC is designed to be a static single file format.

You must write similar businesses together.

Too many calculation properties make the configuration unreadable.

If you really want to use properties from elsewhere, define something like @Including.


No exponent type like 2e4, because it doesn't have a explicit precision.

And @f64`2e4` works the same like TOML.


Compatible with json!

You can just delete the { } at the beginning and ending, because ARC must use key-value pair.


You don't need to buy a vernier caliper!

You won't confuse whether you should add -.

Every symbol in ARC has only one effect.

XML like

Forget them!


Prohibit use during overtime!