A plugin command script for the https://github.com/CityOfNewYork/patterns-cli that will compile Twig view templates. Replaces the default Slm compiler.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import nycopportunityPttrnPluginTwig from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@nycopportunity/pttrn-plugin-twig';


Patterns CLI Twig Plugin

This plugin command script for the Patterns CLI will compile Twig view templates using Twig.js. It is essentially a copy of the Slm command script that replaces the Slm compiler with Twig. It supports the same command flags, NODE_ENV constant, include function, and variables. Configuration is also the same, however, the config file it will look for is named config/views.js as opposed to config/slm.js.

What is Twig?

Twig is a template engine for PHP. Twig.js is an implementation of the same engine for JavaScript.


Install as a development dependency in a project that uses the Patterns CLI.

$ npm install @nycopportunity/pttrn-plugin-twig -D

Add a proxy command script in the ./bin/ directory:

$ touch bin/twig.js
$ echo "module.exports = require('@nycopportunity/pttrn-plugin-twig');"

This will make the command available to the CLI. Then, Twig files in the source directory can be used in place of Slm files.

├ 📂 src/            - Source directory
  ├ 📂 twig/          - Twig extras
    ├ 📁 partials/
    └ 📁 layouts/
  ├ 📂 views/         - Twig views
    ├ 📂 newsletter   - Sub-directory
      └ index.twig
    ├ index.twig      - Homepage
    ├ accordion.twig  - Accordion demo page
    └ buttons.twig    - Buttons demo page
    └ ...
  └ ...

Views can then be compiled by running the following command:

$ npx pttrn twig
✨ Twig in ./src/views/accordion.twig out ./dist/accordion.html
✨ Twig in ./src/views/buttons.twig out ./dist/buttons.html
✨ Twig in ./src/views/index.twig out ./dist/index.html
✨ Twig in ./src/views/newsletter/index.twig out ./dist/newsletter/index.html

The script supports the same ./config/slm.js options as the slm command, however, it will look for a file named ./config/views.js. To use the default configuration create a proxy configuration file and export the default Slm config.

$ touch config/views.js
$ echo "module.exports = require('@nycopportunity/pttrn/config/slm');"

Or export your own configuration for the command.


The script adds the namespace @src (alternatively, src::) for referencing the source directory to extend layouts and includ partials from the ./src/twig/ directory.

Extending Layouts

{% extends "@src/twig/layouts/default.twig" %}

Including Partials

{% include '@src/twig/partials/head.twig' %}