A helpful assortment of async utility functions

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A bunch of miniature ES2015+ async helpers for remapping functions.

Methods overview

name description
isPromise(instance: any) Takes single value argument to check if the value either has a Promise constructor or has a valid .then function.
buildAsyncParserResolver(method: Function, baseValue: Promise or any, args: Array) Execution handler for asynchronous data (used by conditionalAsyncWrapper)
conditionalAsyncWrapper(method: Function) => (...args) Build a execution handler around a specified method, which executes based on the first argument provided. If a Promise is provided, the data flow will be paused until the first item in args has been resolved. Any args are also applied to the method when the first args value is ready.
asyncFlowAdapter(flowUtility: Function) => (...fcns: [Function]) Builds a asynchronous handler wrapper for a directional data flow utility (such as _.flow). Returns a Function that takes arguments of type Function

Note that an asynchronous Promise flow will only be built if at least one of the functions passed to flow returns a Promise, otherwise the flow will mimic the functionality of a synchronous data-flow. This is done by design

If any method invoked during the data flow throws, an Error instance is passed through the flow until it reaches the end resolve. If the flow fails, the first Error exception will be the only value returned.