Reworked OADA formats

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This is a monorepo for all things relating to OADA formats. It uses yarn workspaces. The purpose of this repo is to act as an inventory of known OADA API and ag data formats. These formats are represented as JSON Schema.


The JSON Schema files are publicly available from https://formats.openag.io/. The $id of our schemas is also the URL at which it is available for download (i.e., if you configure your JSON Schema tool to resolve $refs via HTTP, you can reference our schemas with no further effort.). This makes the schemas/formats useful to any of the many environments which have JSON Schema implementations available.

Caveat about schema files

In order to have TypeScript sanity check the formats of our schemas for us, we wrap our JSON Schemas in TypeScript modules.

// Somewhat opinionated TypeScript type definitions for JSON Schema
import { JSONSchema8 as Schema } from 'jsonschema8';

const schema: Schema = {
  /* The actual JSON Schema */

 * Simply exports an object of the schema,
 * but now TS understands what it is and how it should look.
export default schema;

The original intention was to simply have json files of the JSON Schema, but the convenience of having TypeScript check our schemas for us motivated this compromise. The published versions of the schemas have this wrapping removed and are pure JSON Schema.

Adding formats

All that is needed to add a format is to create a new .schema.ts file within schemas which exports valid JSON Schema. You can easily add the file for your new format with hygen:

$ hygen format new your/format/name

Testing formats

Our test suite will automatically sanity check all formats (including your new ones). Schemas are (among other checks) checked against the metaschema, and expected to match any examples they have.

You are strongly encouraged to add examples to your new formats. Aditionally if you create a .schema.spec.ts file for your format, any mocha tests in it will run with our the test suite.

JavaScript/TypeScript libraries

This project is chiefly a collection of pure JSON Schema schemas, but there are also node library for utilizing the schemas in TypeScript/JavaScript under packages.