Shareable `.eslintrc` configurations package for `oat-sa` projects.

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  import oatSaEslintConfigTao from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@oat-sa/eslint-config-tao';



Shareable .eslintrc.js configurations package for oat-sa projects.


All extensions, projects and libraries (oat-sa wide) should use the shared config as a basis. Current extension contains a pack of shareable configs depending on the stack and target. General idea is described here: https://eslint.org/docs/developer-guide/shareable-configs


Use shareable eslint configurations via the extends config property.

  1. Default configuration. Edit the .eslintrc.js of your project:

    module.exports = {
      extends: '@oat-sa/eslint-config-tao'
  2. Configuration for AMD modules:

    module.exports = {
      extends: '@oat-sa/eslint-config-tao/amd'
  3. Configuration for es modules, svelte, etc.:

    module.exports = {
      extends: '@oat-sa/eslint-config-tao/svelte'
  4. Configuration for node:

    module.exports = {
      extends: '@oat-sa/eslint-config-tao/node'
  5. Configuration for cypress:

    module.exports = {
      extends: '@oat-sa/eslint-config-tao/cypress'


  • 0.1.0 Initial release.
  • 1.0.0 Added the support of the node config, include all plugins as dependencies, turn off implicit-arrow-linebreak
    • 1.1.0 Added the cypress profile