TAO Test Runner API

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import oatSaTaoTestRunner from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@oat-sa/tao-test-runner';



TAO Test Runner API


npm i --save @oat-sa/tao-test-runner


Available scripts in the project:

  • npm run test <testname>: run test suite
    • testname (optional): Specific test to run. If it is not provided, all will be ran.
  • npm run test:keepAlive: start test server
  • npm run test:cov: run build:cov and run tests
  • npm run test:dev: test in development mode (watch changes and source maps)
  • npm run coverage: show coverage report in terminal
  • npm run coverage:html: show coverage report in browser
  • npm run build: build for production into dist directory
  • npm run build:watch: build for production into dist directory and watch for changes
  • npm run build:cov: build for coverage into dist directory
  • npm run build:dev: watch changes and build with source maps
  • npm run lint: check syntax of code