a parser for todo.txt

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  import ochuzorTodoTxtParser from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ochuzor/todo.txt-parser';


A javascript parser for todo.txt

Is it over-engineered? Yes! It is! But in my defence, the real reason for creating this package is to learn. I mean, there are a lot of good todo.txt parsers out there. This one is just for my learning purpose.

npm i @ochuzor/todo.txt-parser

The library provides a few functions for working with todo.txt formatted strings. To convert a todo.txt text into a javascript object, use:

import {textToDto} from '@ochuzor/todo.txt-parser';
const todo = textToDto('x work on the new +projectMakeOver @home');

The returned object has the following properties:

interface IDoc {
    id?: string | number;

interface TagDto {
    name: string;
    value: string;

interface TodoDto extends IDoc {
    description: string;
    isCompleted: boolean;
    priority: string;
    dateOfCreation: string;
    dateOfCompletion: string;
    projects: string[];
    contexts: string[];
    tags: TagDto[];

Another function provided is todoDtoToText. It converts an object from the above function into a todo.txt string. Here's how to use it:

import {todoDtoToText} from '@ochuzor/todo.txt-parser';

const todo = {
    description: 'write a new documentation',
    isCompleted: true,
    priority: '(A)',

const todoTxt = todoDtoToText(todo);
// returns "x (A) write a new documentation"

The priority ranges from (A) to (E). The implementation follows the format on todo.txt. The third function is textToIndexDto. It is similar to textToDto above except that every field is a string, including the "isCompleted", which is then either "true" or "false". The projects list is now a space separated list of projects. Same applies to the contexts field as well. The tags field is a space separated list of tagName:tagValue strings. I made this function, for cases where you want to index documents but make all the fields searchable strings.

Finally, I made this library for learning purposes. Check out the code and tests.