plugin to show the list of all the commands

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import oclifPluginCommands from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@oclif/plugin-commands';



plugin to show the list of all the commands

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$ npm install -g @oclif/plugin-commands
$ oclif-example COMMAND
running command...
$ oclif-example (-v|--version|version)
@oclif/plugin-commands/1.3.0 darwin-x64 node-v12.16.1
$ oclif-example --help [COMMAND]
  $ oclif-example COMMAND


oclif-example commands

list all the commands

  $ oclif-example commands

  -h, --help              show CLI help
  -j, --json              display unfiltered api data in json format
  -x, --extended          show extra columns
  --columns=columns       only show provided columns (comma-separated)
  --csv                   output is csv format [alias: --output=csv]
  --filter=filter         filter property by partial string matching, ex: name=foo
  --hidden                show hidden commands
  --no-header             hide table header from output
  --no-truncate           do not truncate output to fit screen
  --output=csv|json|yaml  output in a more machine friendly format
  --sort=sort             property to sort by (prepend '-' for descending)

See code: src/commands/commands.ts