Odd Industries charting

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  import oddIndustriesOddCharting from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@odd-industries/odd-charting';



Setting up the Firebase Functions emulator

First we need to start the Firebase Functions emulator. On the odd-vision-functions repository run, in two different terminals:

yarn build:watch

and then

yarn serve

Once started, visit Functions to see it in action.

Setting up the Firebase Firestore emulator

First we need to start the Firebase Firestore emulator:

firebase emulators:start --only firestore

Once started, we should seed it:

export FIRESTORE_EMULATOR_HOST="localhost:5000" && node ./tests/restore/index.js

If you don't have data to seed with, you can download some via:

unset FIRESTORE_EMULATOR_HOST && node ./tests/restore/index.js

Once seeded, visit Firestore to see it in action.


On the odd-charting repository (here) run:

yarn test:unit


yarn test:integration


yarn release