A lib to interact with https://git.odit.services/lfk/backend

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  import oditLfkClient from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@odit/lfk-client';


ODIT.Services - LfK-Client

The official library for the LfK backend server. Automagicly™ generated by openapi-typescript-codegen

đź›  Building

Get's automagicly™ build by drone for every new backend release.


Basic example: Get all tracks

import {OpenAPI, TrackService} from "@odit/lfk-client";
OpenAPI.BASE = "https://localhost:4010";
console.log(await TrackService.trackControllerGetAll());


Via yarn/npm:

yarn add @odit/lfk-client
# Or
npm i @odit/lfk-client

Or just copy the folder dist to your prefered lib folder and import everything you need from dist/index.ts.