Performant, awesome carousels.

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  import odopodOdoCarousel from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@odopod/odo-carousel';


Odo Carousel

Performant, awesome carousels.


Odo Carousel has a few distinct advantages over other carousel libraries with similar feature sets, such as Slick:

  1. Utilizes the Odo Draggable module, which is reusable for other draggable components that you might include in your project, thus saving weight and user compile time.
  2. Odo Carousel has been battle-tested on several large-scale web application projects, and includes learnings from practically every Odopod project from 2013 onward.
  3. It performs as well as, and more often better than, any other carousel library we've tested.
  4. Has unit tests backing its methods and API.


npm install @odopod/odo-carousel --save

Quick Start

import OdoCarousel from '@odopod/odo-carousel';

const carousel = new OdoCarousel(document.getElementById('my-carousel'));


Visit the Odo component directory for demos, code examples, and documentation.