A JavaScript library for previewer images and image galleries. 100% JavaScript, no external dependencies

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A simplified jQuery based library that previews individual images or image galleries with awesome easy to use features like, keyboard navigations, pagination, autoplay, fullscreen preview among many other minimalism oriented features, intended to keep your application simple but still classic in appeal.

Check out the DEMO by downloading the plugin. A demo is packed with the download. Make sure to read the NOTE file inside the demo folder.


  1. Using Bower

    You can use the Bower asset manager to install this library.


    1. First, if you don't have Bower, install it using NPM which comes with the Node.js installer. Check out the Node.js site for more information on how to install it. Having installed Node, open your bash terminal and run: npm install --global bower-cli

    2. cd into the root directory of your project and install bower locally in your project directory like so: npm install --save bower

    NB: Note, before you proceed, you can run bower -v to verify the install of bower. If you see a semantic version like 1.7.9, you have bower already installed, else check the Bower site for instructions on how to install it.

    1. With Bower installed, cd into the root directory of your project AND run this command. bower install --save images-previewer
  2. GitHub

    Alternatively, you can git clone https://github.com/ofelix03/previewer to clone the GitHub repository for this plugin into your current project and use the files in the dist or src folder -- using the former for production and the latter for development.


  1. Load previewer.js(or previewer.min.js) and previewer.css (or previewer.min.js) into your html file like index.html. NB: Make sure to load the previewer.js or previewer.min.js before the <\body> of your document.

  2. Create your html markup making sure all images that need to be previewable by the library have the class name g-image. Example is like so:

        <div class="gallery-wrapper">
            <img src="..." alt="..." class="g-image">
            <img src="..." alt="..." class="g-image">
            <img src="..." alt="..." class="g-image">

NB: Make sure to surround your images with a parent block element like a <div>, with an ID or CLASSNAME which can be use during the plugin's initialization which is discused later.

In my example above I used a class name gallery-wrapper on my surrounding block container. This container gives me a gallery, and so I can have many of galleries with their own set of images. Also make sure all your images have a class name g-image attached to them.

  1. Now that you have built your gallery markup (your previewable images) , you can now initialize it like so:
        /** 1. Using jQuery **/
        $('.gallery-wrapper').previewer({autoPlay: true, slideTimeout: 2000});
        /**  OR 2. Using the Previewer atttached to javascript window object **/
        var previewer = new window.Previewer('.gallery-wrapper', {autoPlay: true, slideTimeout: 2000});


Key Value Description
fullScreen boolean (default: false) Centers image with some padding by default or images are previewer in full window's screen on value true
pagination boolean (def: true) Adds a simple pagination to the previewer
paginationType string [number, bullet] (default: number) Select one of two pagination types ( bullet or number )
paginationPosition string [topLeft, topRight, bottomLeft, bottomRight] (default: 'topRight') Determines the position of the paginator in the previewer
navigation boolean [true, false] Adds a simple 'PREV' and 'NEXT' navigators to slide through images
navNextText string Customize the label of the previewer's NEXT navigator. You can use any font icon library, like FontAwesome's right arrow icon like so: <i class="fa fa-arrow-right"></i>
navPrevText string Customize the label of the previewer's PREV navigator. You can use any font icon library, like FontAwesome's left arrow icon like so: <i class="fa fa-arrow-left"></i>
keyboardNavigation bool [true, false] Allows the use of the keyboards, left and right arrow keys to control the navigation through image gallery
autoPlay boolean [true, false] Autoplays the images in the previewer
slideTimeout integer (default: 1000) Determines how long each image in the gallery should be previewed. Value of slideTimeout should be in *milliseconds. Example: 2000 for 2s slide timeout
previewEffect string (defaut: 'linear') This plugin has a number of CSS based transitions, which determines the effect with which the previewer shows up when an image is clicked. All the supported transitions will be found as you go through the reamining docs

Preview Effects

The following are currently the supported preview effects. These effects are all CSS3 transition.

  1. easeIn
  2. easeOut
  3. easeInOut
  4. outCubic
  5. inBack
  6. inOutBack


You can help improve this docs by sending me a pull request and hopefully I will merge it in. Also, you spotted an error (syntax or logic error) ? I will be glad to recieve a pull request of a fix of that error. But I would love it if you first open an issue and hopefully if it's not already in the pipes of resolution by me or someone else, I will gladly assign it to you.