Replacing Protractor with Cypress in an nx workspace

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  import offeringsolutionsNxProtractorToCypress from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@offeringsolutions/nx-protractor-to-cypress';


Nx Protractor To Cypress Schematic for Angular Projects

TravisCi build npm (scoped)

commandline usage


ng add @offeringsolutions/nx-protractor-to-cypress


This schematic will migrate your Nx Workspace from using Protractor to use Cypress. It will scan the workspace, find all projects and update them all including the workspace itself.


This schematic will

  • Create Cypress files inside your project-e2e folders
  • Delete protractor files
  • Update all used sections in the angular.json file
  • Update the e2e test runner in the angular.json file from protractor to cypress
  • Modify package.json (removing Protractor deps, adding Cypress deps) and install them