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This extension adds support for viewing and manipulating 2D medical images via a viewport. The underlying implementation wraps the cornerstonejs/react-cornerstone-viewport, and provides basic commands and toolbar buttons for common actions.


Extension Id: cornerstone

Commands Module

This extensions includes the following Commands and Command Definitions. These can be registered with @ohif/core's CommandManager. After registering the commands, they can be bound to hotkeys using the HotkeysManager and listed in the UserPreferences modal.

You can read more about [Commands][docs-commands], [Hotkeys][docs-hotkeys], and the [UserPreferences Modal][docs-userprefs] in their respective locations in the OHIF Viewer's documentation.

Command Name Description Store Contexts
rotateViewportCW viewports
rotateViewportCCW viewports
invertViewport viewports
flipViewportVertical viewports
flipViewportHorizontal viewports
scaleUpViewport viewports
scaleDownViewport viewports
fitViewportToWindow viewports
resetViewport viewports
clearAnnotations TODO
next/previous Image TODO
first/last Image TODO
setToolActive Activates tool for primary button/touch

Toolbar Module

Our toolbar module contains definitions for:

  • StackScroll
  • Zoom
  • Wwwc
  • Pan
  • Length
  • Angle
  • Reset
  • Cine


Viewport Module

Our Viewport wraps [cornerstonejs/react-cornerstone-viewport][react-viewport] and is connected the redux store. This module is the most prone to change as we hammer out our Viewport interface.

Tool Configuration

Tools can be configured through extension configuration using the tools key:

  cornerstoneExtensionConfig: {
    tools: {
      ArrowAnnotate: {
        configuration: {
          getTextCallback: (callback, eventDetails) => callback(prompt('Enter your custom annotation')),

Stack prefetch configuration

Stack prefetch can be configured through extension configuration using the stackPrefetch key:

  cornerstoneExtensionConfig: {
    stackPrefetch: {
      enabled: true,
      maxImagesToPrefetch: Infinity,
      preserveExistingPool: false,
      maxSimultaneousRequests: 20,

Annotate Tools Configuration

We currently support one property for annotation tools.

Hide handles

This extension configuration allows you to toggle on/off handle rendering for all annotate tools:

  cornerstoneExtensionConfig: {
    hideHandles: true,

## Resources

### Repositories

- [cornerstonejs/react-cornerstone-viewport][react-viewport]
- [cornerstonejs/cornerstoneTools][cornerstone-tools]
- [cornerstonejs/cornerstone][cornerstone]


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[docs-hotkeys]: https://www.com
[docs-userprefs]: htt
[react-viewport]: https://github.com/cornerstonejs/react-cornerstone-viewport
[cornerstone-tools]: https://github.com/cornerstonejs/cornerstoneTools
[cornerstone]: https://github.com/cornerstonejs/cornerstone
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