OHIF extension for viewing segmentations in the 2D MPR view

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  import ohifExtensionDicomSegmentation from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ohif/extension-dicom-segmentation';



npm (scoped)

This extension adds support to view and navigate the segments available in the DICOM SEG, allowing control over visibility of a given segment and providing metadata about the segment(s).


Extension Id: com.ohif.dicom-segmentation

Tool Configuration

Tools can be configured through extension configuration using the tools key:

  cornerstoneExtensionConfig: {
    tools: {
      ArrowAnnotate: {
        configuration: {
          getTextCallback: (callback, eventDetails) => callback(prompt('Enter your custom annotation')),

Annotate Tools Configuration

We currently support one property for annotation tools.

Hide handles

This extension configuration allows you to toggle on/off handle rendering for all annotate tools:

  cornerstoneExtensionConfig: {
    hideHandles: true,

## Resources

### Repositories

- [cornerstonejs/react-cornerstone-viewport][react-viewport]
- [cornerstonejs/cornerstoneTools][cornerstone-tools]
- [cornerstonejs/cornerstone][cornerstone]


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[docs-userprefs]: htt
[react-viewport]: https://github.com/cornerstonejs/react-cornerstone-viewport
[cornerstone-tools]: https://github.com/cornerstonejs/cornerstoneTools
[cornerstone]: https://github.com/cornerstonejs/cornerstone
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