🎚 Peripheral smart contracts for interacting with Swap V2

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  import oikosSwapV2Periphery from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@oikos/swap-v2-periphery';


Swap V2

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Port of Uniswap v2 periphery for Tron. In-depth documentation on Uniswap V2 (Ethereum version) is available at uniswap.org.

The built contract artifacts can be browsed via unpkg.com.

Contract Addresses

Chain Contract Address
Mainnet Router TE2eWyy3Rix9HdkaVxgjbfBJEVhtaPGpSu
Mainnet Migrator TAeyAfd5TV7a6LDWFzCCVv3iVK5ASPtSCY
Nile Router TMs1rzzLCxEQDXVFKg6fU5vCJF5XgLjHfm

Compiled with solc 0.6.6+commit.6c089d02.Emscripten.clang.

Local Development

The following assumes the use of node@>=10.

Install Dependencies

nvm use 12
npm install

Compile Contracts

npm run compile

Run Tests

npm test


npm run deploy:nile