WebRTC multi-peer made simple

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  import ok2juSimpleMultiPeer from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ok2ju/simple-multi-peer';


Simple Multi Peer

WebRTC multi-peer communication made simple (using simple-peer)

Note: This is a fork of simple-multi-peer. Many thanks to Nihey Takizawa


$ npm install --save @ok2ju/simple-multi-peer


As a signalling server it is recommended to use peer-hub.

import SimpleMultiPeer from 'simple-multi-peer';

const Peers = new SimpleMultiPeer({
  server: 'ws://localhost:3000', // Your signaller URL.
  room: 'foobar',                // Which 'room' you'll be using to communicate with your peers
                                 // (all peers in the same room will be signalled to each other).
  callbacks: {                   // Connection related callbacks
    connect: (id) => {},         // -> 2 peers are connected
    close: (id) => {},           // -> a connection is closed
    data: (id, data) => {},      // -> any data is received
    stream: (id, stream) => {},  // -> audio/video stream
  peerOptions: {},               // SimplePeer options (check https://github.com/feross/simple-peer#peer--new-simplepeeropts)
  connectionOptions: {},         // Socket.io connection options (see https://socket.io/docs/client-api/#manager)

// Send data over a dataChannel to all peers
Peers.send("I'm alive!!!");