OlaSearch adapter for Solr

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<script type="module">
  import olasearchSolrAdapter from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@olasearch/solr-adapter';


Solr adapter for OlaSearch


Coming Soon


yarn add @olasearch/solr-adapter
import { Parser, QueryBuilder, Http } from '@olasearch/solr-adapter'

GET Request parameters for Ola Search Solr adapter

Parameter Description Default value
q Search query *
env Environment type staging, production
projectId Project id
timestamp Date time of the current request
qf Fields to be searchable title_t summary_t topics_ts notice_number_t
start Start index of the search document 0
rows Number of search results to display 10
sort Sort by a field
facet Show facet values true
fq Facet query
facet.mincount Only show facets with atleast min count 1
wt Output format json
facet.field Field to facet on
f.date_tdt.facet.range.start Daterange start NOW-20YEARS
f.date_tdt.facet.range.end Daterange end NOW
f.date_tdt.facet.range.gap Interval +1YEAR
f.date_tdt.facet.range.include include lower bound lower
facet.range Range facet names
spellcheck.count No of spellchecked words to return
spellcheck.extendedResults true
spellcheck.maxCollations true
spellcheck.q Spellcheck query true
spellcheck Enable spellcheck true
spellcheck.collate true
highlight true
bfquery Boost results
boost Boost results
hl highlight true
hl.fl Highlighted fields true
hl.tag.pre Highlight tag
hl.tag.post Highlight tag
hl.simple.pre Highlight tag
hl.simple.post Highlight tag
hl.fragsize Highlight size 200
hl.usePhraseHighlighter true
hl.highlightMultiTerm true
hl.useFastVectorHighlighter true
hl.alternateField Alternate highlight field
mm Minimum match 1<50%
fl Field list *