UFE Dev Dependencies

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  import omcfeUfeDevDependencies from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@omcfe/ufe-dev-dependencies';


UFE DEV Dependencies


This project is used for pulling UFE dev dependencies.

pipeline status coverage report

How to

Clone the project from git, then run npm i, then npm run update. It will try to get the latest dependencies and modify package.json accordingly. If there are changes, you should add and comit the package.json file.

A new release can be done by running npm version patch|minor|major. It will try and isntall the dependencies, and, if everything is good, it will create a new git tag and push everything to the git remote.

A special reelase pipeline will then be triggered for the newly created tag, and it will


npm i
npm run update
npm commit -am 'Updated dependencies'
npm version patch