An JSON file-based implementation for the Repository pattern for data persistence.

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JSON Repository

This module is intended for use with the omega-repository-core package. When used with the omega-repository-core package this module provides an implementation of the omega-repository-core interface for a JSON file-based database.

Installation and Use

  1. Do an npm install @seanttaylor/omega-repo-json to install the package on your local machine.
  2. Require the package in your project along with the @seanttaylor/omega-repository-core package.
  3. Instantiate the omega-repo-json package with options (see Configuration Options below.)
  4. Instantiate the omega-repository-core package, providing the omega-repo-json as an argument.

For detailed explanation of the API see the omega-repository-core documentation.


Run the unit tests for omega-repo-json with the npm test command. The test suite will produce a report afer the test run is complete.

Example Usage

const config = {
    datasourceConfig: {
        filePath: `${__dirname}/data.json`
const jsonRepo = require('@seanttaylor/omega-repo-json)(config);
const Repository = require('@seanttaylor/omega-repository-core)
const beerRepo = Repository(jsonRepo);
const beer = {
    name: 'Indiana Pale Ale',
    kind: 'ale'

const result = await beerRepo.add(beer, 'beers_collection');
    error: null,
    status: 'ok',
    data: [
            _id: '5e2f99c9fa38672ff424622b'
            name: 'Indiana Pale Ale',
            kind: 'ale',
            _createdAt: '2020-01-28T02:19:33Z'

const searchResult = await beerRepo.findOne('5e2f99c9fa38672ff424622b', 'beers_table);
    Same output as above.

Configuration Options

Fields and acceptable values for the options object of omega-repo-json.

option type description
datasourceConfig object Configuration options for the datasource.
Datasource Configuration

Fields and acceptable values for the options object of omega-repo-json.

option type default description
filePath string ./data.json A JSON file to use as the database.