The React component-react project template

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<script type="module">
  import omniDoorTplComponentReact from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@omni-door/tpl-component-react';


🐸 @omni-door/tpl-component-react

The React Component project template

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  • Clone the repo: git@github.com:omni-door/tpls.git

  • Install with Npm: npm install @omni-door/tpl-component-react

  • Install with Yarn: yarn add @omni-door/tpl-component-react


folder file
babel babel.config.js
bisheng bisheng.config.js & posts/README.md
commitlint commitlint.config.js
editor .editorconfig
docz .doczrc.js & gatsby-config.js
eslint .eslintrc.js
ignore .eslintignore & .gitignore & .npmignore & .prettierignore
jest jest.config.js
new the standard templates for omni new command
omni omni.config.js
package package.json
prettier prettier.config.js
readme README.md & README.zh-CN.md & DEV.md & DEV.zh-CN.md
source the standard templates in src folder
storybook .storybook/config.js & .storybook/addons.js & .storybook/manager-head.html & .storybook/webpack.config.js
styleguidist styleguide.config.js
stylelint stylelint.config.js
tsconfig tsconfig.json
vsc .vscode/settings.json