Ethereum solidity smart contracts for Blockchain OnchainID identities.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import onchainIdSolidity from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@onchain-id/solidity';


OnchainID Smart Contracts

OnchainID Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts for secure Blockchain Identities, implementation of the ERC734 and ERC735 proposal standards.

Learn more about OnchainID and Blockchain Identities on the official OnchainID website: https://onchainid.com.


  • Install contracts package to use in your repository yarn add @onchain-id/solidity
  • Require desired contracts in-code (should you need to deploy them):
    const { contracts: { ERC734, Identity } } = require('@onchain-id/solidity');
  • Require desired interfaces in-code (should you need to interact with deployed contracts):
    const { interfaces: { IERC734, IERC735 } } = require('@onchain-id/solidity');
  • Access contract ABI ERC734.abi and ByteCode ERC734.bytecode.


  • Install dev dependencies npm i
  • Update interfaces and contracts code.
  • Run lint npm run lint
  • Compile code npm run compile


  • Install Ganache or run another blockchain network.

    The contracts WILL NOT WORK without at least version 2 of Ganache!

  • Run npm test