A tool generating cli tool scaffold

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import oncodingPudding from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@oncoding/pudding';




npm i @oncoding/pudding -g

Add Bash Completion

get completion script using command below, and do sth it shows u!

pudding completion


new project

$ pudding project new hellocli

☐  pending   拷贝工程模板到/Users/nemo/code/imnemo/hellocli
☐  pending   生成新工程package.json
✔  success   hellocli新建成功!
●  note      请执行后续命令:

    cd hellocli
    npm i. - g
    hellocli completion

dev new cli

cd hellocli

# install for dev
npm i . -g

# then you can use hellocli now
# add bash compeltion
hellocli completion

# show some examples
hello example -h

# new a command combo
pudding command new combo --combo

# new a command not combo
pudding command new --path command bar



signale is used. All commands will show all debug infos with the param -d or --debug. By default, the logger debug and log will not be shown.

hello example echo -d
hello example echo