Vue component for uploading files.

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<script type="module">
  import onereachOrFileUploader from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@onereach/or-file-uploader';



🗂 Vue component for uploading files.


fileUploadedHandler ({ fileName, type, content, isPublic }) {
    this.uploadedFileName = ''
    setTimeout(() => {
        const file = new Blob([content], { type })
        const fileModel = { fileName, file, type }
        // use fileModel to make http request for uploading
        // use isPublic to determine whether it's public uploading
        // this.$http.post(...)
        // set uploadedFileName to the filename that succeeded was uploaded
        this.uploadedFileName = fileName
    }, Math.round(Math.random() * 3000))


  • uploadedFileName: String default: ''

    Use to indicate if fileUploaded handler finished uploading the specified file

  • isUploadPrivateEnabled: Boolean default: true

    Indicates whether private uploading is enabled

  • uploadPrivateDefaultValue: Boolean default: true

    The property specifies the default value for the checkbox 'Make private'

  • alwaysUploadPrivate: Boolean default: false

    Force to upload the file as private only


  • fileUploaded

    Emitted when the file is ready for uploading to back.

    Handler is called with fileName, type, content, isPublic params, e. g.

    type: 'application/json',
    content: ArrayBuffer(17),
    isPublic: false
  • closeButtonClicked

    Emitted when close button was clicked.