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  import onitiQuasarAppExtensionVlankAuth from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@oniti/quasar-app-extension-vlank-auth';


Vlank Auth

Manage authentication

Provides :

  • login page
  • helpers (get user, rights, disconnect, …)


quasar ext add @oniti/vlank-auth


quasar ext remove @oniti/vlank-auth


See also settings in quasar.extensions.json (created on install).

You can override default login page by creating your own /auth/login / loginRoute / defaultAuthRoute route. You can copy Login.vue as a template for your page.

The default page use email and password as credentials.


chainWebpack(chain) {
         "vlank-auth-logo": path.resolve(
          "vlank-auth-layout": path.resolve(


Just add requieresAuth as meta on route to require an auth.

Route example:

    path: '/',
    meta: {
      requiresAuth: true,
      // loginRoute: '/auth/login', // optional, defaultAuthRoute otherwise
      // redirectRoute : '/', // optional, defaultRedirectRoute otherwise
      // passwordLostRoute : '/', // optional, defaultPasswordLostRoute otherwise
      // passwordCreateRoute : '/', // optional, defaultpasswordCreateRoute otherwise
      rights : ['admin-panel'] // optional
      logoutOnUnsufisantRights: true, // optional
    component: () => import('layouts/MainLayout.vue'),
    children: [
      { path: '', component: () => import('pages/Index.vue') }

Meta settings

Name Purpose
requiresAuth Auth is required for this route and its children
loginRoute Override default login route
redirectRoute Override default "home" route
passwordLostRoute Override default "passwordLostRoute" route
passwordCreateRoute Override default "passwordCreateRoute" route
rights array of required rights, a message will pop if any right is missing!
logoutOnUnsufisantRights self explaining :)


The authentication logic is performed inside a Vuex store. you can provide an helper to access the functionality in the store. Les helpers sont accessibles depuis le composant après avoir fait un inject :

    import { inject } from 'vue'

    const $auth = inject('vlank-auth')
Function General purpose
$auth.logout() Logs out the current user
$auth.check(right) Checks if the user belongs to right (string)
$auth.checkAll(rights) Checks if the user belongs to every rights (array of string)
$auth.checkAny(rights) Checks if the user belongs to any rights (array of string)
$auth.user() Returns the current user (no request is sent to the back)
Function Specific purpose
$auth.login(data) POST data (ex: login+password) to the login route, saves the returned token in a cookie
$auth.fetch() Request the backend to check if we're still authentified
$auth.updatePassword(data) Update current User password
$auth.resetPassword(data) Reset User password
$auth.passwordLost(data) Send mail to current User to reset his password
$auth.updateUser(data) Update current User informations
$auth.getRedirectRoute() Return last visited route (or redirectRoute if none)
$auth.getLoginRoute() return current Login Route (loginRoute / defaultAuthRoute)
$auth.getWantedRoute() return previously "forbidden" route
$auth.isFunctionalRoute(routePath) Check the route is a functionnal route (Login Route, PasswordCreate Route or PasswordLost Route)


  • add "rightOperator" (AND/OR)?
  • messages customisation
  • allow to configure backend routes
  • component : logout button
  • component : my account