Javascript carousel library

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Carousel library with vanilla Javascript

Disclaimer: This library is inspired by Slick which is a jQuery plugin. The goal is to provide a similar utility without the jQuery dependency. The API here is almost the same as Slick's one.


$ npm install @onrewind/krousel


  • Infinite loop
  • Change transition speed & type (slide / fade)
  • Autoplay & autoplay speed
  • Enable / Disable arrows
  • Enable / Disable navigation dots
  • Show multiple slides at once
  • Slide multiple slides at once
  • Responsive: change config using breakpoints
  • Change where dots and/or arrows will be inserted
  • Use custom arrows


Option Type Default Description
appendArrows HTMLElement null Change where arrows are attached (default is the target)
appendDots HTMLElement null Change where the navigation dots are attached
arrows boolean true enable or disable arrows
autoplay boolean false Auto play the carousel
autoplaySpeed number 3000 Change the interval at which autoplay change slide
dots boolean true Display or hide dots
infinite boolean true Enable or disable infinite behavior
nextArrow HTMLElement null Customize the "next" arrow
pauseOnHover boolean true pause autoplay when a slide is hovered,
prevArrow HTMLElement null Customize the "previous" arrow
responsive Array null breakpoints config, see below
slidesToShow number 1 Number of slide to show at once
slidesToScroll number 1 Number of slide to scroll at once
speed number 300 transition speed when changing slide
swipe boolean true Enable or disable drag to change slide
transition  one of: 'slide', 'fade'  'slide'  Change transition type when changing slide
NOTE: transition 'fade' disable options slidesToShow and slidesToScroll

Responsive option example

The responsive option takes an array of breakpoints, each one should be an object structured as follow:

  • breakpoint • Number • Screen width at which the breakpoint will be activated
  • settings • Object • Object containing options that will overwrite initial options

LIMITATION: the settings property only accepts overwrites for these options:

slidesToShow, slidesToScroll, infinite

This list could increase over time

Only one breakpoint will be enabled at a time.

const options = {
  // [...]
  responsive: [
      breakpoint: 1024,
      settings: {
        slidesToShow: 3,
        slidesToScroll: 3,
        infinite: true,
      breakpoint: 600,
      settings: {
        slidesToShow: 2,
        slidesToScroll: 2,
        infinite: true,
      breakpoint: 400,
      settings: {
        slidesToShow: 1,
        slidesToScroll: 1,
        infinite: false,