RDF Factory with neat memory usage and good cpu performance.

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<script type="module">
  import ontolaMemoizedFactory from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ontola/memoized-factory';



RDFJS compatible data factory which implements memoization based on the term's value and incrementing counters. Once a term is created the same instance will be returned for future requests.

This saves memory and allows comparison by reference (===) which is great for browsers on mobile devices, but can cause out of memory exceptions for long running processes since the current implementation will always hold a strong reference to the created objects (I.e. they can't be garbage collected).

See @ontologies/core for more info on usage.


Put the following in a file;

/* useMemoizedHashFactory.js */
import singletonInstance from "@ontola/memoized-factory";
import { setup } from "@ontologies/core";


It is important to import the code which calls setup before importing any of the @ontologies/package helpers, since their exports use the factory which you pass to setup;

// This must be done first
import "./useMemoizedFactory"

// This import will use the factory you passed to `setup`.
import schema from "@ontologies/schema"