Multiple image selecting package for React Native using Expo FileSystem

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  import onytgvxMultipleImageSelector from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@onytgvx/multiple-image-selector';


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Multiple image selecting package for Expo SDK (React Native) using MediaLibrary and Permissions.

Snack full demo with navbar and compression



  • Selects multiple images
  • Changes orientation (4 in a row for vertical and 7 for horizontal orientations)
  • Displays the selected image number
  • Permission requests
  • Customization
  • Sorting from new to old


  1. Install the repository
    $ npm install --save expo-image-picker-multiple
    $ yarn add expo-image-picker-multiple
  2. Add an import to the top of your file
    import { ImageBrowser } from 'expo-image-picker-multiple';
  3. Declare the component in the render method.
      onChange={(callback) => {
      callback={(num, onSubmit) => {


  • max: maximum number of photos
  • loadCount: by default 50
  • loadCompleteMetadata: Whether to load extra fields like location. Loading all of the information will reduce performance. by default false
  • emptyStayComponent: by default null
  • noCameraPermissionComponent: by default null
  • preloaderComponent: by default ActivityIndicator (loader)
  • renderSelectedComponent: one-parameter (selected number) function is expected to return the component for the icon/text over the selected picture