Build a CSS Framework From Scratch!

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<script type="module">
  import oodavidFlowCss from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@oodavid/flow-css';


logo"> Flow.css

Flow.css is a responsive, mobile-first CSS framework ...built by you.

It is production ready and comparable to Bootstrap, Pure.css or Bulma.

The Choice

  • Use the framework today in production.
  • Or sit the course and learn how to build Flow.css from scratch!

The Course

You will create reliable components - a mobile-first approach with columns, responsivity, smart forms and everything you see in the Docs.

Learn on Udemy!

Install with NPM

npm install @oodavid/flow-css --save


/* Import flow.css */
@import "./node_modules/@oodavid/flow-css/flow.css";


// Import everything
@import "./node_modules/@oodavid/flow-css/flow.scss";
// ...or import individual components or abstracts
@import "./node_modules/@oodavid/flow-css/abstracts/_breakpoints.scss";
@import "./node_modules/@oodavid/flow-css/components/_columns.scss";

The Author

I'm David King, a full-stack engineer from the UK.

I've been developing for 20 years and have a passion for well-written CSS and Javascript.



See CONTRIBUTING for information on how to contribute to Flow.css