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The goal of this project is to by mere configuration, we can set up a Guardian for a chain of concern, along with a number of tasks for monitoring and execution purposes. A task can be monitoring margin positions with conditions (if collateral ratio < 110%) then trigger actions (e.g. post warning message to database service, or execute a script to add position).

guardian is a CLI tool & JS library to monitor on chian states and events. When user defined criteria are met, it will execute a script or post a webhook to perform an action. This action can notify users, or initiate/participate in collateral auctions such as send a transaction.

See #1 for spec and example.

Guardian CLI

Guardian Examples


Web3 Foundation Grant Project

Guardian is part of the bigger Open-Web3-Stack initiative, that is currently under a General Grant from Web3 Foundation. See Application details here. The 1st milestone has been delivered.

Projects Using Guardian

If you intend or are using Guardian, please add yourself to the list here.