Open-xchange specific codecept helpers

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  import openXchangeCodeceptHelper from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@open-xchange/codecept-helper';


Open-Xchange App Suite: Codecept helpers

This library contains appsuite specific helpers and actors for Open-Xchange App Suite.


Basic config

// inside codecept.conf.js

module.exports.config = {
    'helpers': {
        // other helpers...
        OpenXchange: {
            require: './node_modules/@open-xchange/codecept-helper/src/helper',
            // OpenXchange helpers and actors rely on users array provided via config
            users: [{
                username: 'testuser1',
                password: 'ultimatelySecure',
                mail: 'testuser1@example.com'
    'include': {
        'I': './node_modules/@open-xchange/codecept-helper/src/actor'

If you want to have other actor functions bound to the I object, you can extend our actor in another file as follows:

// inside actor.js

module.exports = function () {
    const {actor} = require('@open-xchange/codecept-helper');
    return actor({
        customFunction: function () {
            // do custom stuff