Opencensus propagation package for B3 format.

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OpenCensus B3 Format Propagation for Node.js

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OpenCensus B3 Format Propagation sends a span context on the wire in an HTTP request, allowing other services to create spans with the right context.

The library is in alpha stage and the API is subject to change.


Install OpenCensus B3 Propagation with:

npm install @opencensus/propagation-b3


To propagate span context arround services with B3 Propagation, pass an instance of B3 Propagation to your tracing instance. For Javascript:

const tracing = require('@opencensus/nodejs');
const propagation = require('@opencensus/propagation-b3');

const b3 = new propagation.B3Format();

tracing.start({propagation: b3});

Similarly for Typescript:

import * as tracing from '@opencensus/nodejs';
import { B3Format } from '@opencensus/propagation-b3';

const b3 = new B3Format();

tracing.start({propagation: b3});

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