Optimizely Full Stack Core Logging

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Javascript SDK Logging

Provides a centralized LogManager and errorHandler for Javascript SDK packages.


npm install @opendoor/optimizely-js-sdk-logging


Logging Architecture

  • LogHandler - the component that determines where to write logs. Common log handlers are ConsoleLogHandler or NoopLogHandler
  • LogManager - returns Logger facade instances via LogManager.getLogger(name)
  • LoggerFacade the internal logging interface available to other packages via LogManager.getLogger(name)


Using the logger

import { getLogger } from '@opendoor/optimizely-js-sdk-logging'

const logger = getLogger('myModule')
logger.log('warn', 'this is a warning')

logger.debug('string interpolation is easy and %s', 'lazily evaluated')

logger.info('info logging')
logger.warn('this is a warning')
logger.error('this is an error')

// `info` `warn` `debug` and `error` all support passing an Error as the last argument
// this will call the registered errorHandler
logger.error('an error occurred: %s', ex.message)

// also Error passes to errorHandler.handleError(ex)
logger.error('an error occurred: %s', ex.message, ex)

// if no message is passed will log `ex.message`

Setting the log level

import { LogLevel, setLogLevel } from '@opendoor/optimizely-js-sdk-logging'

// can use enum

// can also use a string (lowercase or uppercase)

Setting a LogHandler

import { setLogHandler, ConsoleLogHandler } from '@opendoor/optimizely-js-sdk-logging'

const handler = new ConsoleLogHandler({
  logLevel: 'error',
  prefix: '[My custom prefix]', // defaults to "[OPTIMIZELY]"


Implementing a custom LogHandler

Perhaps you want to integrate Optimizely with your own logging system or use an existing library.

A valid LogHandler is anything that implements this interface

interface LogHandler {
  log(level: LogLevel, message: string): void

Example: integrating with Winston

import winston from 'winston'
import { setLogHandler, LogLevel } from '@opendoor/optimizely-js-sdk-logging'

const winstonLogger = winston.createLogger({
  level: 'info',
  format: winston.format.json(),
  defaultMeta: { service: 'optimizely' },
  transports: [
    new winston.transports.File({ filename: 'combined.log' }),

 * Convert from optimizely log levels to winston
function convertLogLevels(level) {
  switch(level) {
    case LogLevel.DEBUG:
      return 'debug'
    case LogLevel.INFO:
      return 'info'
    case LogLevel.WARNING:
      return 'warning'
    case LogLevel.ERROR:
      return 'error'
      return 'silly'

  log(level, message) {
      level: convertLogLevels(level),

API Interfaces

interface LoggerFacade {
  log(level: LogLevel | string, message: string): void

  info(message: string | Error, ...splat: any[]): void

  debug(message: string | Error, ...splat: any[]): void

  warn(message: string | Error, ...splat: any[]): void

  error(message: string | Error, ...splat: any[]): void

interface LogManager {
  getLogger(name?: string): LoggerFacade

interface LogHandler {
  log(level: LogLevel, message: string): void