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OpenTelemetry Resources Util

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The OpenTelemetry Resource is an immutable representation of the entity producing telemetry. For example, a process producing telemetry that is running in a container on Kubernetes has a Pod name, it is in a namespace and possibly is part of a Deployment which also has a name. All three of these attributes can be included in the Resource.

This document defines standard attributes for resources which are accessible via @opentelemetry/semantic-conventions.


npm install --save @opentelemetry/resources


import { SemanticResourceAttributes } from '@opentelemetry/semantic-conventions';
import { Resource } from '@opentelemetry/resources';

const resource = new Resource({
    [SemanticResourceAttributes.SERVICE_NAME]: 'api-service',

const anotherResource = new Resource({
    'service.version': '2.0.0',
    'service.group': 'instrumentation-group'
const mergedResource = resource.merge(anotherResource);

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