OVHcloud manager shared webpack configuration.

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  import ovhUxManagerWebpackConfig from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@ovh-ux/manager-webpack-config';


Manager Webpack Config

Extensible webpack configuration for the OVH Manager.

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yarn add -D @ovh-ux/manager-webpack-config


The webpack configuration can be imported and extended in the manager. To import the configuration, simply add manager-webpack-config as a devDependency.

In order to use and extends this configuration, some manager relative parameters needs to be provided. Please refer to the parameters and example below.


The following configuration parameters needs to be provided:

The following configuration parameters are optionals:

  • assets.options: see https://github.com/webpack-contrib/copy-webpack-plugin
  • translationsRoot: by default, ui-router-translation loader resolves translations relatively to the current resource path. You can override this behavior by providing an absolute translationsRoot path. This path will then be used to resolve translations instead of current resource path.
  • lessJavascriptEnabled: adds javascriptEnabled option to the less compiler


// import config and initialize parameters
const { config } = require('@ovh-ux/manager-webpack-config')({
  template: './client/index.html',
  basePath: './client',
  lessPath: ['./client/app', './client/components', './node_modules'],
  root: path.resolve(__dirname, './client/app'),
  assets: {
    files: [
        from: path.resolve(__dirname, './client/app/common/assets'),
        to: 'assets',

// merge the configuration and export it
module.exports = merge(config, {
  entry: _.assign({
    main: './client/app/index.js',
  output: {
    path: path.resolve(__dirname, 'dist'),
    filename: '[name].[chunkhash].bundle.js',



Always feel free to help out! Whether it's filing bugs and feature requests or working on some of the open issues, our contributing guide will help get you started.


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