Set hotkeys for web apps

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  import patomationHotkey from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@patomation/hotkey';



A small module that handles your hotkeys


npm install @patomation/hotkey


Supports using modifier keys in any order: alt+ctrl+shift+p for example, is the same as p+control+alt+shift:

import { hotkey } from '@patomation/hotkey'

hotkey('control+z', () => {
    //Do some undo action

Supports alpha numeric characters and more

hotkey('enter', () => {
    //Do something when user hits enter

Add hotkey functions for arrow keys by using uparrow, downarrow, leftarrow and rightarrow

hotkey('downarrow', () => {
    //Down arrow function

new features

To have events for key up and key down. This is now supported.

.down(() => {
  //Do something when f key is down
.up(() => {
  //Do something when f key is up

Note: Adding up and down methods supports modifiers in hotkey commands. Additionally this could be written this way:

hotkey('shift+f', () => {
  //Do something when f key is down
}).up(() => {
  //Do something when f key is up


  1. clone repo
  2. Install dependencies npm install
  3. eslint: npm run lint
  4. build lib folder with rollup with typescript overrides npm run prebuild

View The files that will be published

npm pack && tar -xvzf *.tgz && rm -rf package *.tgz


npm test


If you have any updates fork the repo and make a pull request.