Persistent, hashed, opaque, replicable, binary key/content, addressable, storage

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PHORBAS Opaque is inspired by Content Addressable Stores and Tahoe-LAFS. The techniques of Tahoe-LAFS are generalized and expanded to include HMAC and Digital Signatures, as well as alternate hashing and encryption schemes and algorithms. The Opaque library handles the principles of Hashed, Opaque, and part of Addressable, as well as necessitates Binary key/content.

  • PHORBAS Store handles the principles of Persistent, Binary key/content, Addressable, and Store.
  • PHORBAS HAMT handles the principle of Replicable.

API & Use


The PHORBAS project implements a persistent binary data storage scheme that accomodates opaque (encrypted) information. It is inspired by binary content addressable data storage, replication features of CouchDB, the opaque data storage of Tahoe-LAFS, the eventual consistency of CRDTs, and persistent Hash array mapped trie data structures.

Phorbas appears in in Greek mythology and is connected to "giving pasture" -- in this case, safe pasture to for data storage.

P - Persistent
H - Hashed
O - Opaque
R - Replicable
B - Binary key/content
A - Addressable
S - Store

Due to the opaque nature of the data storage, the storage is not queryable like a database. It is similar to IPFS with a less ambitious goal of being a pratical data storage scheme for data for embedding into other projects.


2-Clause BSD