The app elements enable building full web apps out of modular custom elements.

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<script type="module">
  import polymerAppElements from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@polymer/app-elements';


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The app elements are a loosely-coupled set of components that can be useful when building entire applications. They include components for features like routing, internationalization, data storage, and more.

What happened to the carbon elements?

If you've been following the Polymer project, you might have been familiar with the working name for these proposed application-level components: the carbon-elements. We received lots of feedback that new Polymer developers found the periodic table naming scheme confusing, so with this new product line of components we wanted to be as clear and straightforward as possible with the naming.

Elements recently released

  • app-layout - A set of elements for building high-quality, responsive layouts just with markup. Includes components for things like toolbars, drawers, and headers.
  • app-route - Elements for managing routing within an app, mapping URL's to views.
  • app-localize-behavior - A behavior for translating and localizing strings within your element's template.
  • app-storage - A behavior and set of components for wiring up data into your application.