<div align="center">The skeleton with the <b>base React webpack configuration</b> for bootstrapping new projects.</div> <br />

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  import potaReactBaseSkeleton from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@pota/react-base-skeleton';


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The skeleton with the base React webpack configuration for bootstrapping new projects.

Setup 🚀

You can create a new project using the @pota/create package.

npx @pota/create react-base my-react-base-app

Standards 📒

This project follows the MediaMonks Frontend Coding Standards

Features 🔋

Pota Commands

build - builds the source using webpack.

npm run build # or npx pota build
Option Type Default Description
analyze {Boolean} false When enabled, will open a bundle report after bundling.
cache {Boolean} true Toggles webpack's caching behavior.
image-compression {Boolean} true Toggles image compression.
debug {Boolean} false Sets NODE_ENV to 'development'.
watch {Boolean} false Run build and watch for changes.
output {String} ./dist The build output directory.
source-map {false\|devtool} source-map (production), eval-source-map (development) Sets the style of source-map, for enhanced debugging. Disable or use faster options in you are having out of memory or other performance issues.
public-path {String} / The location of static assets on your production server.
typecheck {Boolean} true When disabled, will ignore type related errors.
versioning {Boolean} false When enabled, will copy assets in ./static to a versioned directory in the output (e.g. build/version/v2/static/...).
profile {Boolean} false Toggles support for the React Devtools in production.

dev - starts the development service using webpack-dev-server.

npm run dev # or npx pota dev
Option Type Default Description
cache {Boolean} true Toggle webpack's caching behavior.
https {Boolean} false Run the development server with HTTPS.
open {Boolean} true Allows to configure dev server to open the browser after the server has been started.
port {Number} 2001 Allows configuring the port.
image-compression {Boolean} true Toggles image compression.
prod {Boolean} false Sets NODE_ENV to 'production'.
source-map {false\|devtool} source-map (production), eval-source-map (development) Sets the style of source-map, for enhanced debugging. Disable or use faster options in you are having out of memory or other performance issues.
typecheck {Boolean} true Toggles checking for type related errors.

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Non-Pota scripts defined in "scripts" of package.json and are runnable using npm run {script}

Script Description
typecheck Checks for type errors and unused variables/types in the source directory.
fix Executes all fix:* and `format commands in sequence.
fix:eslint Executes eslint:lint and fixes fixable errors.
format Formats the source files using prettier.
lint Executes all lint:* commands in sequence.
lint:eslint Lints the source files using eslint.
rsync Synchronizes (uploads) dist/ files to a remote server.

JavaScript / TypeScript

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Misc. Assets

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Linting & Formatting

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Service Worker

The skeleton has opt-in support for service workers through the help of workbox.

To get started, you can create /src/service-worker.ts file to customize workbox and its many modules .

This is how an example service worker file could look like:

/// <reference lib="webworker" />

import { clientsClaim } from 'workbox-core';
import { precacheAndRoute } from 'workbox-precaching';

declare const self: ServiceWorkerGlobalScope;


// eslint-disable-next-line no-underscore-dangle

Now, whenever you bundle your application for production, a service-worker.js file will be generated.

As a last step, you need to make sure to register the service worker using the serviceWorkerRegistration.ts module, see the comment in main.ts for more details.


Remote Sync

For simple deployments, when you just want to upload your files to a remote server, you can use the rsync script.

Note: before using the rsync script, make sure to configure a host in in the "package.json"

npm pkg set config.host="github.com"

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Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment


webpack-skeleton comes with bitbucket-pipelines.yml, pre-configured to run check-types, lint and test scripts.

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